24 February 2006

A Corollary to Ian

The Caddy Shack: Why a blog about being a golf course architect?

The above is the latest blog entry by fellow GCAer and Canadian Golf Architect Ian Andrew. I was struck by his thoughts on his role in architecture, namely:

"I believe a golf course architect's job is not to define a series of difficult tasks, but to make the game as interesting and fun as he can."

I like that, and I feel it draws a neat parallel to my own definition of the golf architect's purpose. The golf architect is charged with posing a series of questions which the golfer can answer. The course's challenge comes not in asking impossible questions, but asking questions which engaged the golfer's abilities to their maximum level. To me, this leaves golfers of all abilities with something to "contribute" to the answer.

A cape hole, for example, may pose the question, "How much of me can you challenge?" Every golfer has a different answer to the question, and each answer yeilds a different question on the next shot.

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Ian Andrew said...

I'll confess the principle, which is a damned good one, came from Max Behr's writings. I wish I could find the exact quote for you, I would of published it as a quote if I had it handy.