16 November 2005

Bare Bones

Besides the tee box and the hole, what are the bare minimum features to have on a golf course?


Anonymous said...

I'll take "Fairways and Greens" for $200, Alex.

I've played golf courses that were little more than a tee box, fairway, green, and hole in the ground. They were awful golf courses, but they were golf courses nonetheless.

I think a fairway landing area is an integral part of the game (assuming you are considering 2 and 3 shot holes for your course). Without a pleasant area to land the ball there really is no point in aiming, nor is there punishment for failing to execute a satisfactory tee shot. You're just hitting balls into a field at that point. Similarly, a putting surface is a necessity.

klangone said...

I think some green space between the tee and the hole are necessary